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Charlie de Haas | Her return home to Tauranga

Charlie de Haas

Charlie de Haas recently returned home to Tauranga after living in Australia for 18 years. We caught up with her to find out about her incredible journey so far as an entrepreneur, business owner, and influencer and the ‘magic’ she feels in Tauranga.  Charlie describes herself as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Influencer and Brand Consultant. She is the Founder of alkeme wholefoods and also the Founder of The Clean Treats Factory, check out her story here:

Charlie, can you tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up, and what made you passionate about starting your own business?

I grew up here in the Mount and Te Puke, and I always had this feeling that I would work for myself. As I reflect on the past I believe one of the greatest lessons my family has taught me is work ethic. I remember to this day driving the tractor on my Opa’s lap at about 8 and screaming “I can’t, I can’t” as I was about to drive the tractor into the hedge – and he just said, “there are no such words as I can’t”. I really think I carry that philosophy into my everyday life, whether it’s big dreams or small daily goals you can do anything you believe you can do. I truly feel that we all have a gift to give, through hard work, personal questioning, and consistency some of us find it and work on it every day so it becomes work that we love, a passion, and a strength.

Why did you move back to Tauranga and has anything surprised you about living here?

I moved home after living in Australia for 18 years. I really missed my family network and the lifestyle here. My parents are getting older, my grandparents are fragile and my cousins were having their family’s and I really felt like my once-a-year visits weren’t enough. I was missing the connection. I was living the fast-paced hustle of Sydney and what goes with that sometimes is living out of alignment with your values. For example, if my number two value is family (my first being personal growth and fulfillment), yet I barely saw them apart from Christmas visits or made time for phone calls then I’m out of alignment.

No surprises that living here every day the sunrise and sunset are absolutely breathtaking, I’m also surprised at some of the people I meet, the dreamers and creatives that have moved here to create a better lifestyle.