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Rose Treadwell of Waiheke | Finding a Creative Career in Tauranga

Rose Treadwell of Waiheke

Rose Treadwell, the arts-loving, marketing coordinator for Creative Bay of Plenty, moved to Tauranga in 2019 without ever having ever laid eyes on the place.

Born and raised in a close-knit community on Waiheke Island before studying music at The University of Auckland, Rose was struggling to break out of retail roles in Auckland, when her partner convinced her to move to Mount Maunganui. He had lived there before and thought she’d like it.

This blind leap of faith paid off.  Rose quickly found her way into an art-based work role and started a community choir, Everybody Sings.

One and a half years on, she is enjoying her creative career and soaking up the relaxed, seaside lifestyle on offer in Mount Maunganui.

This is her story.

Rose, can you tell us about your art background?

After high school, I completed a Bachelor of Classical Music. I studied the ‘humanities’ of classical music, including history, education, ethnomusicology, anthropology, and music theory.  Having studied music all my life, I knew I wanted to work in the arts sector in some capacity. However, while I was living in Auckland I was working in retail and struggling to find something in the arts.

What was the catalyst for your move to Tauranga?

I was living with my partner Max in a tiny corner of a huge two-story villa in Arch Hill. I think there may have been four separate flats inside the entire house! Max is from the Great Barrier, so we never really thought the city was going to be the best thing for us. He’d lived on the Mount previously and reckoned I’d like it.

He described Mt Maunganui and Tauranga as having the best bits of an island and a city all mashed together. I moved down here without ever having visited before!  The relaxed nature of the place has convinced me to stay.

What was your experience of looking for work in Tauranga?

The move has definitely worked out in our favour. Not long after I arrived in Mt Maunganui, I was lucky to come across a job opening in administration for Creative Bay of Plenty. I applied, landed a marketing role instead, and am loving it very much.

Can you describe your role as Marketing Administrator at Creative BOP?

A key part of my role involves rolling out the marketing plan we have in place, keeping our website up to date, and our social media presence active. I’m now moving into more of a PR role, which I’m very excited about. I’ll get the chance to share creative stories from the Bay on a national and international level. I enjoy knowing that all the work we do is helping to create stronger, happier, more connected communities.

I love the co-working space we’re in, The Kollective. It’s the largest co-working space in the country and it’s full of non-profits and social enterprise organizations. You really feel that you’re surrounded by people doing some good in the world. I also love the working relationships I’m making with people outside my organization in the arts industry.

What are your take on the art and creative scene in Tauranga?

Tauranga is full of creatives! Creative BOP works closely with local creatives in a range of capacities, so I’ve met people doing their absolute utmost to follow their creative endeavors despite how difficult it can be. I love the work that people are doing to sustain our creative scene.

I’m inspired by The Incubator; youth-run organization The Charitable Stage Co in Te Puke, our friends over at Baycourt who bring us the most fascinating experiences to enjoy, all our fabulous mural artists, the opportunities for creatives that come out of Film BOP; Tauranga Arts Festival and the Garden & Arts Festival. I truly don’t have the time to name them all, but they’re out there and killing it.

What place does music have your life here?

Before I moved to the Mount, I was working with an organization in Auckland called The Choir, which set up community choirs around the city. When I mentioned I was moving, my mentor suggested we start up the first choir outside the Auckland region. We started up Everybody Sings – Tauranga in August 2019. The choir takes up all my extra brain space during the week and fulfills that musical challenge. It’s never easy and I love it!

We sing a range of genres including waiata, gospel songs, and songs in Hebrew. Our kaupapa is that singing is a learned skill, like learning to ride a bike. We meet Wednesday evenings – you can find out more here.

How easy has it been to settle into Tauranga?

My partner had friends down here before we made the move, so it was a super easy transition. Everyone was really welcoming. My colleagues are a pretty social bunch so it didn’t take long for the Mount to feel like home. That said, I might have struggled if we hadn’t known people down here already. I think if you’re in a new place with no mates, you have to put yourself out there. I went to a few events organized by The Well Wahine. That’s a good way to meet people if you’re new here.

What do you love about living in Tauranga?

I love being five minutes from the beach, the relaxed feel of the place. I’m lucky to have friends with boats, so we’ll sometimes take the dogs and babies out to Matakana and spend hours doing basically nothing. It’s good. I want to get out into the bush more for some hikes in the outer areas of the region, so that’s on the cards.

There’s a great community on the Mount that feels open and welcoming. I’m a real lover of routine and I reckon I’ve nailed it here: up the Mount, beach walks with dogs, Totara St gigs, tortures from Jane at Flow Pilates, and getting out to explore around the region as well. There are walks in the Kaimai ranges calling my name.

Gets You Thinking Doesn’t It?

No one can tell you when you’re ready for a change of lifestyle…but when you are, we’d love to have you in Tauranga! Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TaurangaWelcomesYou

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