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Sally Green’s OE-Inspired Move to Tauranga

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After growing up in Wellington and living in Auckland, it was that Kiwi classic tradition – her OE –  that gave Sally Green the confidence to move to a different city when she returned home to New Zealand.

“If I could move to the other side of the world without a glitch, moving two and a half hours outside of Auckland would be nothing!”

Aware of its growing reputation as a wonderful lifestyle city, Sally set her sights on Tauranga and hasn’t looked back. Since moving here partway through 2017, Sally has found herself a wonderful job as a digital marketing manager – an exciting and varied role that builds on her career experience. She has created a home and a life in Papamoa and is enjoying her first summer in her new city.

Sally shares her story of how a move to Tauranga was just what she needed.

Can you give us a quick snapshot of your career?  

I studied in my hometown of Wellington where I completed a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Marketing. I moved to Auckland in 2011 to start an internship at an advertising agency. Following on from there, I worked as a marketing coordinator for a holiday home rental business, a copywriter for GrabOne, went on a nine-month OE around Europe, was an account manager at an advertising agency, then created content at yet another advertising agency.

What brought you to Tauranga?

My OE was awesome – I stayed with my Aunty and Uncle in Wigan, UK where I got to experience what it’s like to be a true Northerner while also traveling all around Europe. But when I got back, I noticed a considerable change in Auckland – house prices were soaring, the streets were busier and I no longer lived within walking distance to work which made a huge difference to my routine. A year ago I decided Tauranga would be a great fit for me which was confirmed during a trip down after New Year’s in January 2017. The town was buzzing, the beaches were beautiful, and everyone was relaxed. I moved down in May 2017.

What needed to fall into place for you to be able to make the move?

I needed a job first and luckily the perfect role popped up on Seek. I had an interview in Auckland then had a trip down here, and everything just fell into place – I was over the moon when I was told I’d gotten the job!

Tell us about your marketing role in Tauranga.

Since moving to Tauranga, I have returned to the ‘client side’ of the marketing world, working as a digital marketing manager. I love this role as it gives me a good balance of creative and strategic planning. Career-wise, it’s been an excellent move; I can really take charge of and shape the role in order to take marketing in an exciting new direction.

My roles are varied. Monday – Thursday I work as the digital marketing manager for three businesses which are all owned by Peter Smith. CAVIUS Nano, based in Te Puke, and CAVIUS APS, the Danish parent company collaborated together to create the world’s smallest photoelectric smoke alarm in 2008 which lasts 10 years without needing to replace the battery. More recently they have also launched heat alarms (designed for the kitchen) and interconnecting wireless alarms. CAVIUS is sold in all major DIY stores including Mitre 10, JA Russel, and Bunnings. I’ve also been involved in a few home shows to gain some customer insights and further understand the benefits of our popular alarms.

Danish Furniture offers a stunning range of indoor and outdoor furniture made to last and well suited to New Zealand’s conditions. The Wooden Toy Box is an online business selling quality children’s toys with a huge range of great brands, my favourite being the Runna bikes that help kids learn to ride a bike without the pedals. I’ve also just launched an Instagram page for The Wooden Toy Box which has been so much fun.


On Fridays, I work for The Flooring Room, which gives me a chance to see a bit more of the city. They have the largest warehouse in the Bay of Plenty and I have learned so much about flooring.

For all of these roles, I look after all things digital from social media, Google Adwords, website content, database emails, and SEO. There’s also lots of non-digital work I do like organizing print ads, radio, and home shows and I’m constantly looking out for new marketing opportunities.

How do you find the business community in Tauranga?

The Tauranga business community is great in terms of the connections you can make due to it being a smaller city. Having moved from an advertising agency to working in-house, it is great getting a chance to implement what I know while meeting some really talented people who have personally helped with design, video creation, and media scheduling.

How does life in Tauranga compare to the vision you had in your mind?

Tauranga has exceeded my expectations – I can’t see myself leaving this beautiful city and I am excited about my parents making the move here later this year. I knew life would be less hectic here than in Auckland but the difference it has made to my outlook on life has been so positive. I get outdoors more and say yes to as many opportunities as I can. I even joined a touch rugby team which was never on my radar before but has been a great way to try something new and make some new friends. Mentally, I have felt the shift towards feeling more relaxed, happier, and in control since moving here.

What has surprised you about living in Tauranga?

A few things surprised me when I got here:

  • Everyone seems to own a dog! I love dogs, so I can’t wait to join the club one day  
  • People are very relaxed and friendly
  • Kids play out on the streets because it’s safe. I see a lot of kids biking/scootering to school which is so cool
  • How proud people are to live here and of the beautiful beaches (me included)
  • I’m not a complete outsider because most of the people I meet seem to have moved here rather than being a true local
  • The traffic can actually be quite bad (Hewlett’s road at 8 am is painful) – people don’t tend to let others in here and I wonder if it’s because they are still learning to adjust to more cars on the roads
  • Winter was a lot colder than I expected but nothing on Windy Welly
  • The Eastern Link is awesome!
  • How fast I adjusted to this lifestyle (instantly!)


What do you do for fun?

Outside of work I enjoy going to the classes at Oceanblue gym, walking up the Mount or Papamoa Hills, going on outdoor adventures, and checking out the local markets – my favourite being the Dinner in the Domain.

I love that I have an extra two hours in my day now that I don’t have to leave early to find a park and tackle peak hour traffic. Because I live in Papamoa and work in Te Puke, my commute is usually less than 15 minutes. Instead of sitting in traffic, I can spend more time going for a walk on the beach, going to the gym, or even just getting a bit of extra sleep when I need it.   

What do you look forward to with your new life in Tauranga?

Now that I’m here I’ve got plenty of goals including saving for a house and a holiday in Vietnam, doing some open water swims, meet more people, and generally just keep pushing myself to discover more.  

I am really looking forward to my first summer here in my new home city. I can’t wait to get as many beach visits in as possible while showing friends and family around. If you’re an outdoors person then this is the ideal place to live as you have so many options and there are a lot of like-minded people to share those experiences with.


Gets You Thinking Doesn’t It?

No one can tell you when you’re ready for a change of lifestyle…but when you are, we’d love to have you in Tauranga!

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