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Shirley Rivera | Trustpower Test Analyst Shares How Her Dream of Moving to New Zealand Came True

Shirley Rivera

Born and raised in the Philippines, Shirley Rivera and her husband had a dream to migrate to New Zealand. The beauty of the landscape and the promise of a better life for their daughters appealed to them.

It was Shirley’s career success as a software consultant that opened the way for their dreams to come true. She was sponsored by an Auckland employer with a Work to Residence (WTR) visa and the family arrived in Auckland on November 2015.  After a brief stopover in Hamilton, the family have now settled into Tauranga and are enjoying the beachside lifestyle. Shirley is continuing to progress her career in her new role as a Senior Test Analyst at Trustpower – an iconic and innovative company based in New Zealand’s fastest growing city.

This is her story.

Shirley, can you tell us your career story?

I grew up and spent most of my working life in Manila in the Philippines. I worked for two and a half years in Singapore as a Software Consultant, and then decided to go back in the Philippines.  When I found  out that many of my colleagues in Singapore had migrated to New Zealand through a WTR visa sponsorship by the company, I immediately applied for the same opportunity. The moment I submitted my CV online, my husband and I decided that if I was fortunate enough to be offered the role, then we would move to New Zealand for good. I waited for just under a year to be selected and was interviewed via Skype.

Prior to my job application we researched New Zealand and had already fallen in love with the beautiful country we saw on the websites. We believed that New Zealand would be a good place to raise our four children. So we prayed and believed in this dream of ours that one day we would work and live in New Zealand. As soon as I got the job offer, I didn’t think twice. I accepted it right away and thought, “New Zealand here we come!”

We arrived in Auckland on November 2015. I was sponsored by an employer with a WTR visa for a Senior Test Analyst role. While working under the same company, I was seconded to work for another client in Hamilton on February 2017.

What brought you to Tauranga?

About a year after moving to Hamilton, my husband accepted an offer of work in Tauranga. The first time I went with him to Tauranga I fell in love with the place.  My husband was commuting between the two cities and we hoped to relocate so I began looking for work opportunities in Tauranga. After looking for a month, I saw a Trustpower Senior Test Analyst role advertised on seek.co.nz.  I believed that the role was mine. I applied and went through an interview process. After a month, I accepted the offer as Senior Test Analyst for the Digital Delivery team.

How would you describe your role as a Senior Test Analyst at Trustpower?

My role is exciting, challenging and I am learning a lot.  My main responsibility is to ensure that every piece of functionality and all enhancements and fixes are tested in a QA environment before it gets released to production. Testing activities include test scripting, test execution, test reporting, and defect reporting. The main applications under test are the Trustpower Website on different mobile and web browsers and the Trustpower App on iOS and Android using different OS versions. My team operates according to the Agile methodology.

Trustpower culture promotes an ABW (Activity-based Working) environment, which helps every employee to be flexible, adaptable, and collaborative and be at their best. At the moment, I’m preparing to upskill to do automation testing.

What do you enjoy about the role?

I enjoy being part of the Digital Delivery team as I’m able to make sure that we are delivering quality products for our customers, for mobile and website. Trustpower is very flexible in terms of having an opportunity to work from home. I have a great team where everyone is very collaborative, enthusiastic, and fun to work with, which makes me feel motivated every day at work. I have never felt that way at previous companies I have worked for.

What advice would you give to other tech professionals considering moving to Tauranga?

Working in the IT industry is always a busy profession. I did a lot of overtime when I worked in the Philippines and Singapore. I didn’t really even know what work-life balance felt like until I moved to New Zealand. And now that I’m in Tauranga I enjoy a better quality of life. I spend more time with my family after work. I’m able to do physical activities to maintain being fit, such as walking up Mount Maunganui or jogging along the beach with my husband.

What do you love about working and living in Tauranga?

I love working in Tauranga since the vibe is totally different when you are surrounded by beautiful views. The beach is very accessible if you just want to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

What do you and your family do to relax here?

My husband and I have three little girls and one teenage daughter and Tauranga is a great place to raise them.  We like swimming at the Mount Hot Pools, picnicking at Mount Maunganui beach or the Papamoa Domain, and enjoying the parks and playgrounds around here.  We also like dining at different restaurants to sample the tasty local food. One of our favorites is Dixie Brown, located at Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui.

What has moving to Tauranga meant:

For your career? I have found a second home in my workplace.  I’m enjoying every day at work and I am grateful to be part of the Trustpower company.

For your wellbeing?  I have more time for myself to be physically and mentally fit. Also, Trustpower is very active in supporting and caring for employee well-being by giving different benefits and perks.

For your relationships?  I am spending more quality time with my husband and my daughters. There are so many places to explore and we have plenty of quality time to bond as a family.


Ready for a Change?

Trustpower is a key company in Tauranga’s growing tech sector.

“Strong growth in Tauranga has led to significant skills shortages in our TECH and AGRI-TECH sectors. Key companies want to connect with Kiwi expats, migrants, and tech-professionals from within New Zealand with relevant expertise.” ~ Nigel Tutt, Priority One



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