Cucumber create innovative human-centred digital solutions to enable a  sustainable future for the primary sector in New Zealand and beyond.


As we grow, we will need talented tech professionals to join us:

  • Human-centred designers.
  • Software developers.
  • Data analysts.
  • Domain specialists.
  • Technology experts.

By 2025, Cucumber’s mission is to have significantly contributed to transforming Aotearoa, New Zealand’s primary sector.

“Significant change is happening. Consumers worldwide are increasing their demands for ethically-focused products. The onus is now on the New Zealand primary sector to show that they produce outstanding products that treat our land and oceans with care and respect. We aim to be known as the trusted partner in this sector with our human-centred digital solutions.” ~ Ian Gray, Cucumber Business Manager

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Ian Gray | Cucumber



“It’s very important to realise that tech is an enabler. It is fabulous and can achieve great things but we need people to understand purpose, what they are trying to achieve and why. There is a thriving tech sector in Tauranga. It’s attracting exceptionally talented individuals from around the globe. There is a range of great initiatives, leading to lots of career opportunities.”

At a glance

Cucumber supports the New Zealand and global primary industry to be more sustainable and productive today, to deliver a better world tomorrow.

  • Founded 2004.
  • Office at 293 Fraser street. 
  • 38 + employees.
  • Global client base.

Cucumber offers three core services:

  1. We design collaborative software solutions with a human-centered approach.
  2. We build tailored applications to improve business intelligence and performance.
  3. We become a trusted long-term partner, taking the time to deeply understanding our clients so we can provide continuous value.

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Grow your career + enjoy the lifestyle of our vibrant, fast-growing city by the sea.

Our People | Our Stories

Vic Petilla

From the Philippines to Tauranga | Vic Petilla of Cucumber Shares His Story

Vic Petilla had a good life and a successful IT career in the Philippines, his home country. But in recent years he realized he was ready for a challenge. He wanted to break out of his comfort zone and experience life in a new country – one where he and his partner, Francis, could enjoy…

Jason Scott

Jason Scott of SwipedOn | The Tauranga Tech Scene

Jason Scott plotted his Auckland to Tauranga move carefully. The thing was, he had a job he loved, in a city he didn’t. His wife Lisa had grown up in Tauranga and the couple was already convinced it was only a matter of time before they moved to the Bay of Plenty for the lifestyle…


People are at the heart of what we are and why we do what we do.  

We use our skills and abilities to help people do their work better, simplify the complex and create more time for people to develop themselves and their families.

We enable people to act as kaitiaki guardians of this wonderful planet.

We want our solutions to align with the Māori concept of Taiao – a deep relationship of respect with the natural world.

Taiao Ora, Taiao Tangata. If the environment is well, so too are the people.


We’d love to hear from experienced technology professionals with expertise in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning who interested in working for PlantTech. Returning Kiwi expats, immigrants and New Zealand locals are all welcome to get in contact.


TRUDI BATSON Digital Technology Consultant E.  P. +64 (07) 578 5022

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