Bluelab unlocks the potential in plants and equips growers worldwide with plant-growing technologies.


As we grow, we will need more experts in:

  • Data science and anlaysis
  • Software development
  • Hardware development
Bluelab equips growers with plant-growing technologies to advance the food revolution and feed our growing global population.

"We provide plant technologies to equip growers all over the world. Our technology supports their decision-making, speeds up operations and provides more insight into plant health. Essentially, we work with growers to turn their craft into an art form."
~ Greg Jarvis, Bluelab CEO

Chat with the CEO

Greg Jarvis | Bluelab

“As the world moves to a more plant-based economy, Bluelab is well positioned to assist with this transition. I see us having an important part to play in changing the way the world grows food.

As we grow we will need more developers and data scientists to help us fulfill our potential. There is high demand and low supply for experienced tech talent across New Zealand." 

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At Bluelab we develop technology to equip growers worldwide with the freedom to pioneer in the plant-age

  • 62 + staff globally, 46 in New Zealand
  • Head Office: Tauranga, New Zealand
  • US Office: Greater LA
  • EU Office: Rotterdam
  • 99% of product sales are exported
  • NZ Hydroponics International became Bluelab in 2004 
  • 30+ years of business history

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Our People | Our Stories

Q&A with Daniel Oosthuizen

Senior Software Engineer at Bluelab Shares His Johannesburg to Tauranga Story

"I was really amazed at the massive amount of innovation and cutting edge engineering happening in Tauranga. You always hear the stories about advances made by MIT and Silicon valley, but the Bay has just as much happening." ~ Daniel

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Q&A with Jono Jones

Head of Innovation at Bluelab Shares His London to Tauranga Tale

"Tauranga's innovation culture is thriving and very collaborative. There’s a healthy blend of young and progressive businesses and traditional companies on cool transformation journeys. There a strong cultural aspect on an innovation journey to encourage the team to think creatively and differently about the challenges we face. ” ~ Jono

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a global food & healthcare revolution is underway

* More crops are being grown under cover.
* Plant-based diets on the rise.
* Plant derivatives are replacing textiles, plastics and chemicals.

Join us as we develop innovative technology to equip growers to grow a sustainable future for all.


Want to help us advance the plant-based economy and food revolution?


We’d love to hear from experienced technology professionals with expertise in data science, software and hardware development who are interested in working for Bluelab.

Returning Kiwi expats, immigrants and New Zealand locals are all welcome to get in contact.


Executive Advisor & HR

P. + 64 (0)7 578 0849

Life at Bluelab
Grow Your Career in Tauranga, New Zealand

“Our aspiration is for New Zealand’s agritech sector to be a global leader in science, technology and innovation, delivering commercial outcomes for the global primary sector.” 

~ Peter Wren-Hamilton | Agri-Tech NZ

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