GPS-it is New Zealand’s leading aerial mapping provider and a leading software development company. 


As we grow, we will need more experts in:

  • Data science 
  • Artificial Intellgience + machine learning
  • Software development
  • Agronomists
GPS-it are New Zealand’s farm and orchard mapping experts. We give land-owners a true vision of their business.

"Coming from an agricultural background, we know what’s required to manage land efficiently.  Farmers and orchardists are our people.  We're committed to providing solutions for them that work to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability." ~ Matt Flowerday

Chat with the CEO

Matt Flowerday
GPS-it Founder & Managing Director 

We need more developers, but we also need more people to deliver our solutions. We will also need experienced agronomists and sector knowledge as we move more into the predictive analytics space. Ideally, we are looking for people with a passion for agriculture and an understanding of tech. 

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GPS-it are New Zealand's farm and orchard aerial mapping experts and a leading software development company. We provide high-quality customised geospatial solutions to our clients, using ESRI technology.

  • Founded 2001
  • 20 employees + growing
  • Offices in central Tauranga

Farm and Orchard Aerial Mapping: We pride ourselves on using the latest drone and aerial imagery technology to produce superiorly accurate maps.

Customised GIS Software Solutions: We have extensive experience in developing innovative GIS solutions across a variety of industries. We’re also the ESRI Global Agri-Business partner and among the top AppStudio developers worldwide.

AgBox: This is our software solution for farmers to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability by allowing users to easily create, manage and share farm or land features.

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Our People | Our Stories

Q&A with Alex Dunham

GPS-it Front-End Developer Shares Her Story of Returning to New Zealand From Oxford

“We get to make some really cool, challenging stuff using front end technologies. I also like working in agriculture, an area that I didn’t have previous experience with. I’m learning a lot and I feel like I’m making something that’s really useful for people in this industry."
~ Alex

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Q&A with Gabriel Kennedy

GPS-it Back-End Developer Shares His Wellington to Tauranga Story

“Being part of a stress-free, healthy working environment was important to me. Having previously worked in a startup, where operations were less structured and stress tended to be on the higher side, I was keen to find somewhere that had an established tech stack." ~ Gabriel

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Our  tech culture

The Bay of Plenty is rapidly becoming the epicentre of hort focussed agri-tech in New Zealand.

We are addressing local challenges, but we have a global view and the reach to take our solutions to the world.

We are always looking for better ways of doing things.  We love to solve problems using technology in new and different ways.

We are growing rapidly with over 50% growth in the last year. 
We are only just beginning to unlock the potential of our systems.


We’d love to hear from experienced technology professionals with expertise in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software deveopment who interested in working for GPS-it. Returning Kiwi expats, immigrants and New Zealand locals are all welcome to get in contact.

Matt Flowerday

Managing Director


P. +64 7 573 6077

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“Our aspiration is for New Zealand’s agritech sector to be a global leader in science, technology and innovation, delivering commercial outcomes for the global primary sector.” 

~ Peter Wren-Hamilton | Agri-Tech NZ 

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