Tauranga Welcomes You!

Tauranga Welcomes You!

Dear Kiwi expats,

You’ve grown and changed while you’ve been away... and so have Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.

We’ve tripled in size over the last 25 years. We have always promised sunny days and an enviable lifestyle, but these days we have so much more to offer in terms of career opportunities.

This city by the sea is home to a vibrant community of companies, freelancers, creatives, small businesses, families and friends.

When you are ready to come home, we’d love to have you in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty!

Do keep in touch!

Kathryn Overall

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Homecoming Stories

Meet returned Kiwi expats who now call Tauranga home

Most Popular One

Meet the Man Behind New Zealand's Largest Angel Investor Fund

Enterprise Angels is the brain child of Bill Murphy, an import from the United States who fell in love with Tauranga. Nowadays, he and the Enterprise Angels team are investing in a new generation of smart, creative people who are making the most of the innovation eco-system in Tauranga.

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Most Popular Two


Reverse Psychology: Why Kiwis are Moving Home from Australia

"Even though we were on amazing money in Australia our cost of living was really high too.I believe that if you live smart in NZ and manage your money well you can have a really good work/life balance.”

Tim & Kate Vaughan | Brisbane to Tauranga

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Hot off the Press One

From New York to New Zealand

"Although Tauranga has transformed amazingly in the last 20 years you’re still only 10 minutes to most locations in town. These people don’t know what a real traffic jam is!"  

Deb Peake | USA/UK to Tauranga


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Hot off the Press Two

After The DINKY Dream | Kiwi Expats Return to Have Kids

When Jene & Therese Hamahona were in their mid-twenties their friends all starting having babies.  Bristling with adventure and travel dreams they bolted to Australia faster than you can say "not yet, thanks". 

Jene & Therese | Sydney to Tauranga

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Hot off the press

Blog Stories

Blog Sample 1

Logan Crawford | Perth to Tauranga

After living in Perth for the best part of a decade, Te Puke native, Logan Crawford, made the decision to listen to his heart and come home to the Bay of Plenty.

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Blog Sample 2

Brisbane to Tauranga | The Career Punt That Paid Off

Sam Marshall’s friends thought he was crazy when he told them he and his family were leaving Brisbane and moving to Tauranga. 

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Blog Sample 3

From London-town to Kiwi Back-yard

After trading in their two block trek for grass for owning their own home with a giant backyard near the beach, Carolyn and Greg are feeling pretty good about life!

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