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Reverse Psychology | Why Kiwis in Australia Are Coming Home
17 September 2014
Reverse Psychology | Why Kiwis in Australia Are Coming Home

Tim and Kate Vaughan are part of the growing number of Kiwis who have left Australia and moved home to New Zealand to live. 

Their hunt for the perfect family-friendly city, which combined amazing lifestyle, affordable cost-of-living, and good career opportunities took them to Sydney, Brisbane and ultimately to Tauranga.

We were curious to hear their thoughts about why more and more Kiwis are crossing back over the Tasman.

What brought you guys back to Tauranga? 

“I guess that was always our dream, to move back to Tauranga at some point,” says Tim.

“It kind of represented the ultimate lifestyle to us. All of New Zealand is beautiful, but Tauranga is one of those places where you can have an incredible lifestyle - really good weather, beautiful beaches, an all year round holiday sort of culture - and a great career.”

"We love Papamoa,” says Kate.  “We’ve just bought our first home, and we’ve got a backyard! It’s really, really nice - the sun just fills the whole place."


Tim, why do you think we are seeing more and more Kiwis coming home from Australia? 

"One of the things I would say is that Australia is on a bit of a two-track economy. Economically speaking Australia has done really well for a long time, but a lot of that I believe comes down to mining.   

Now that the mining industry is slowing down because of China - with those big industries being affected I think a lot of people are realising, well actually maybe it’s not this pot of gold that we thought it was. 

Also I think the people who are living in Australia and working your more day-to-day, average roles are thinking - I’d just rather be back living with family and friends in New Zealand."  


What about the income gap between Australia and New Zealand? 

"Even though we were on amazing money in Australia, and I look back and I think, ‘far out it was amazing money’ - our cost of living was really high too.  So proportionately speaking, we weren’t that much better off. 

I believe that if you live smart in NZ and manage your money well you can have a really good work/life balance.  Sure incomes are lower in New Zealand - but I think the benefits would far outweigh the cons.  

I absolutely think you can still make financial progress here.  I think it’s just a case of being perhaps a little more deliberate in your decisions business wise or career wise."


What would you say to Kiwis living in Australia who are thinking about moving home? 

"If you want a really good work/life balance back home in New Zealand, Tauranga is the ultimate place to be able to achieve that.  

There’s a thriving economy in Tauranga, an amazing social scene, it’s a fantastic place to live with beautiful places, beautiful climate and the opportunities for business and business growth are second to none in New Zealand.  

Tauranga is definitely not the backwaters. I think now it’s the busiest port in NZ by export - it’s really going ahead.

My personal opinion is that there is no such thing as a Kiwi who leaves New Zealand and doesn’t want to come back.  I really believe that - and I think there’s a little of everyone that is like ‘oh, I would love to come back to New Zealand’."

Moving to Tauranga Doesn't  Have to Mean A Backwards Step for Your Career 

While living in Brisbane, Tim landed his dream job as the Brand Manager for Penny Skateboards who were riding the retro trend on little plastic skateboards. 

The company took off with a velocity which no-one expected and was the fastest growing company in Australia when Tim came on board.  


“I essentially built the Penny brand for them,” says Tim.  

“It was incredible.  I got to meet celebrities and travel to America, and do surf trips and build a surf team with famous surfers.  It was a phenomenal experience - when I look back on it, it seems almost surreal."

Tim, what are you doing career-wise in Tauranga? 

While Kate is looking after the expanding Vaughan family empire (Baby no. 2 was born in 2015), Tim is working remotely as the global brand manager for Dunedin based Education Perfect, a New Zealand start-up success story.  

“It’s a brilliant company and it’s really at the forefront of education globally, like it’s really setting a new precedent for how online education is going to work,” says Tim.  

“It’s funny, because people probably look at me and think, ‘here’s this guy, who had a great career and was the brand manager for Penny Skateboards - what is he doing in Tauranga?  But what they don’t know is that I am doing something far more innovative and arguably cutting edge from Tauranga than I was in either Sydney or Brisbane.”




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