Tauranga Welcomes You!

Tauranga Welcomes You!

Dear Friends

Are you looking for the perfect city to settle in when you move to New Zealand? Then Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty is the place for you! 

This city by the sea is home to a vibrant community of companies, freelancers, creatives, small businesses, families and friends.

It’s the perfect place to make a fresh start.

Do keep in touch!

Alex Barrett

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Homecoming Stories

Meet New Zealand immigrants who now call Tauranga home

Most Popular One

Content Specialist Shares her London to Tauranga Story

"The tech scene here is burgeoning. More and more businesses are moving here because the lifestyle is so great. The opportunity to join startups and growing companies is really unique. It allows you to learn many aspects of business as well as develop your specialised area of expertise."

Lou Burton | London to Tauranga

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Most Popular Two

Advancing my IT Career in Tauranga

Brazillian, IT engineer David Barbosa, came to New Zealand after a friend raved about the lifestyle. It only took a few months of working in hospitality and soaking up the Mount Maungaui summer vibes for David to decide he wanted to stay. He began applying for IT roles around the country, but was hopeful of finding a role in his favourite city - Tauranga. 

David Barbosa | Brazil to Tauranga

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Hot off the Press One

The Wanderer Photographer Settles in Tauranga

Chilean photographer Constanza Flores turned her passion into a career by documenting her globe-trotting adventures.  After living in Melbourne and Christchurch, the couple was drawn to Tauranga’s beautiful surroundings, beaches, warm weather and endless opportunities for exploring the outdoors.

Constanza Flores | Chile to Tauranga


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Hot off the Press Two

AI & Robotics Expert Joins PlantTech in Tauranga

"Tauranga is a smaller city compared to other tech hubs in the world, but it is rapidly growing. Most importantly, there are lots of opportunities to get involved. If you like friendly and considerate workplaces, if you want use your expertise to solve problems for the community and if you love great beaches, then Tauranga is your destination."

Zulfikar Hossain | Bangladesh to Tauranga

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Hot off the press

Blog Stories

Blog Sample 1

Argentina to Tauranga - IT Career + Lifestyle

"This is a wonderful city, the commute times are great and once you settle you’ll realise there’s more here than you initially thought. I’m positive that your work-life balance will improve."


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Blog Sample 2

Why I Love the Tauranga Community

"As a Muslim woman, experiencing the local community response to the Christchurch mosque shootings was a significant moment for me. I found Tauranga to be an amazing place at that time."

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Blog Sample 3

From Q Theatre in Auckland to Baycourt in Tauranga

"I was excited by the idea of moving to a city going through such rapid growth. I was aware that Baycourt was thriving but I didn’t realise how strong the community arts sector was."

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