Tauranga Welcomes You!

Tauranga Welcomes You!

Dear Friends

Are you looking for the perfect city to settle in when you move to New Zealand? Then Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty is the place for you! 

This city by the sea is home to a vibrant community of companies, freelancers, creatives, small businesses, families and friends.

It’s the perfect place to make a fresh start.

Do keep in touch!

Kathryn Overall

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Homecoming Stories

Meet New Zealand immigrants who now call Tauranga home

Most Popular One

Brewing Creativity

There are many compelling reasons for musician and coffee artisan Hans Kraenzlin to live in Europe. But Tauranga - it's land and it's people, has a deep magnetic pull which keeps calling him back.


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Most Popular Two

Johannesburg Writer Starts New Chapter in Tauranga

Ever since they married in 2013, South African couple, Clarissa and Marco van Emmenes, have wanted to move to New Zealand. But after a cursory look at Auckland revealed a chaotic city too similar to the lifestyle they were used to in Johannesburg, they discovered Tauranga.

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Hot off the Press One

Dina Cotter| Chicago Snow to Tauranga Sunshine

I think we extended our life expectancy by about 10 years just moving here. We have all enjoyed the slower pace and safety of our relocation. We grow things in the garden we never knew existed. We hang washing outside to dry. The air is so clean and fresh nothing seems to get dirty. People are so friendly and easy going.


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Hot off the Press Two

Californian Girl Becomes Kiwi Foodie Ambassador to USA

Linda McWilliam is a fabulous Tauranga import from California. She talks about long-distance love, moving to the other side of the world in her 40's and the challenges and satisfaction of reinventing her high-flying corporate career in Tauranga. 

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Hot off the press

Blog Stories

Blog Sample 1

French-born Tauranga Entrepreneur Inspires Innovation

"It is a hard road being an entrepreneur. You need more than inspiration to get an innovative idea off the ground." ~ Pascale Hyboud-Peron


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Blog Sample 2

Meet Kathryn | Your Tauranga Connection

"I thought that going from Sydney to Tauranga would be akin to cruising down the pace-of-life highway at 100kph in 5th gear and then suddenly shifting into first. Perhaps, into reverse.”

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Blog Sample 3

Bring Your Job To Tauranga

Working remotely is the new black! We pick the brains of two returned Kiwi expats who have chosen sunny Tauranga as their home city to telecommute from. 

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