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Mignon Olivier Green | IT Recruitment Specialist Shares Her Moving to Tauranga Story
14 March 2019
Mignon Olivier Green | IT Recruitment Specialist Shares Her Moving to Tauranga Story

Tauranga newcomer and tech-sector advocate, Mignon Green, has called many places home. Born in South Africa and raised in the United States, her career in web and graphic design provided the flexibility for a freelance working life that took her all over the world. 

But when her father, who had emigrated to New Zealand in 2008, was diagnosed with a terminal disease she dropped everything and moved to be with him.  After their one precious year together, she stayed on to manage her father's business until regulatory changes in the industry prompted her to consider her next moves.

Her entrepreneurial flair caught the attention of Beyond Recruitment, who ended up recruiting her!  Once they recognised her love of business and technology she found her niche as a specialist IT recruiter.

After being based in Auckland for five years, Mignon and her family moved to Tauranga in August 2018.   Mignon says the move has been "surprisingly good" for her career. She is enjoying the surf, the endless supply of avocados and the opportunity to play her part in Tauranga's flourishing technology sector.

This is her story.

Where did you grow up?

I’ve grown up all over the world. I was born in South Africa and was on an airplane to California before my second birthday. I spent ten years living the American dream, a typical American childhood complete with 4th of July and Thanksgiving celebrations. Over that period, I lived all over the States, from the east coast to the west coast.

What led you to New Zealand?

Originally, I moved to New Zealand for my father, who had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma and told he had just weeks left to live. However, I was lucky enough to spend a whole year with him, and got to see him enjoy being a grandpa to my son every day before he passed away.

Could you give us a quick summary of your career path?

After leaving the United States, there was lots more traveling including stints living in China, Canada, Belize, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Belgium. With a background in web and graphic design, I came to New Zealand and settled in Christchurch, eventually ending up in Auckland after the Christchurch earthquakes.

My father had a Food Safety and Hygiene training organisation that he couldn’t bear to see go down with him, so I had promised to take it over after his passing. For several years I successfully grew that business, until changes in legislation around food safety training made it impossible to continue. I then sought the help of a recruiter, who noticed my entrepreneurial drive and thought I’d make a great recruitment consultant myself. Finally, I joined the team at Beyond Recruitment who, after recognising my deep love for business and technology, put the whole puzzle together for me and suggested I become a specialist IT Recruiter.

How did Tauranga end up on your radar? 

My husband had been talking about Tauranga for a long time as something for our long-term wish list, so when an opportunity with my husband’s work presented itself, it didn’t take us long to make the decision. Once we took the plunge, everything quickly fell into place – including finding a place to live and getting the support of my employer. Working at Beyond Recruitment, I’d already had some contact with Bay of Plenty and Waikato clients and candidates, but there was a real need for a local IT Recruitment Specialist backed by a large team, a network and the resources required to connect skilled professionals with employers in these regions.

What vision did you have for your life here?

The same things most Aucklanders pine for: less traffic, better work/life balance, nicer weather, the chance to buy a home – and to learn to surf! And the best part? All of these things we had envisioned for our life here have come true. My husband and I have less stress, more time for each other, more time for our lovely little boy, the weather is out of this world, buying a home is within our reach and I get out and surf nearly every weekend!

Can you tell us about your new role here in Tauranga?

I work with Beyond Recruitment , one of New Zealand’s largest recruiters in IT and Transformation and my role is to develop long lasting relationships with clients across a broad spectrum of sectors to identify top talent in both permanent and contracting positions.

Beyond got to know me using the same interview techniques we use to identify high- performers when sourcing for roles. This, combined with identifying my key motivators, allowed them to connect the dots between my love of business and love of technology to conclude that I should specialise in IT Recruitment.

I recruit permanent and contract IT resources for organisations where IT is the core function of the business, as well as those where IT is a support function. I recruit Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Infrastructure Engineers and various technology-specific roles such as Salesforce, SAP, Blockchain and RPA.

What is your take on the tech sector in Tauranga?

There’s so much more than meets the eye, and a lot of really exciting stuff to come. Check out my recent blog, where I sum up the Tauranga tech sector in a bit more detail. I’m really excited that I’m going to play a part in the future of this industry by connecting Tauranga employers with high-calibre talent to help with developments such as automation, the cloud, agile transformation and more.

What has surprised you about Tauranga?

I’m so impressed by little surprises such as the technology in the libraries, and many of my clients have state-of-the-art, activity-based work environments with some cool tech that you can properly geek out on, like Tesla Powerwalls! There are also so many exciting plans to move towards new cloud technologies and modern development languages.

What do you love about living here? 

It ticks all of the boxes for me. I’m absolutely in love with the beaches and surfing, and the Mount. There are so many awesome places nearby to explore. It’s an amazing place to raise a child – I’m so impressed with my son’s school. My home life is better than it was in Auckland, I’m really enjoying my work and there’s a great community atmosphere here too.

What do you love about working here?  

Everyone is just so nice – I think it’s because they’re a lot happier than people in other parts of the country. It’s a lot nicer to do business with happy people. There’s a good variety of different industries, and clients are keen to help me get to know their business and their requirements deeply so that I’m in the best possible position to accurately promote their employer brand to potential candidates, as well as really understand the fit for their specific needs.

Any advice for IT or technology professionals thinking about moving to Tauranga?

Just do it. Commit to making the move and it will all fall into place – and there’s no way you will regret it. If you’re a senior IT professional with the right to work in New Zealand and are keen to relocate to Tauranga – contact me at mignon.green@beyond.co.nz

What has moving to Tauranga meant?

For your career?
It’s been surprisingly good for my career. I’m working with an incredibly wide variety of businesses across all different industries, and have really enjoyed getting to know new clients and providing them with both permanent and contract resources that they otherwise would never have had access to.

For your wellbeing?
Loads of time outdoors – I go up and around the Mount at least once a week. There are amazing beaches for surfing – Ohope and the Mount don’t disappoint. I’m also loving all the avocados, there always seems to be someone who has a secret confidant who can get avos on the cheap.

For your relationships and social wellbeing?
It’s been great. Because life is so much more peaceful here, we are less stressed and I get to spend way more quality time with my family.



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