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Family Tauranga Move Good for Body and Soul
28 October 2015


Jenny Barrow feels blessed to have grown up in Tauranga, but like most people of her generation, left Tauranga for university  in Auckland as soon as high school was over. After living in Auckland for ten years, and in the Middle East for two, Jenny and her husband felt it was time for their little family to embrace a slower, simpler and meaningful way of life.  They moved to Tauranga in 2014  - a move which has proved good for body and soul.

This is their story.

How long had you been thinking about moving to Tauranga for?

My husband and I both really sensed that a change in season was due for us. Both of us were looking for something new career wise and it dawned on us one day... if we were looking to move jobs, why not move cities at the same time? 

We couldn’t get past the beauty of Tauranga and it seemed to have all we were looking for in a change of lifestyle. We had a significant amount of family still living in the area and with a toddler we really wanted to live out the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.  Not only would Tauranga offer us our extended family for support but also some close friends we kept in touch with and the amazing people in the community. 


How has your move to Tauranga been good for your health?

Although we were healthy before, the choice to live where we are has seen us progress further in the journey of looking after our bodies and wellbeing. We eat more organic food and make (nearly) everything from scratch.  Spending more time in the kitchen being creative has definitely benefited my well-being!

When we decided to move to Tauranga we were very intentional about what we wanted life to look like when we were there. We were after some lifestyle changes that saw our lives become slower and simpler. This involved us living right in town and within walking distance of kindy, the library, supermarkets, shops, cafes, farmers markets, amazing playgrounds, parks and outdoor areas. Being able to walk everywhere is allowing us to appreciate the small things, the change of the leaves in autumn, the feel of a fresh breeze, the cherry blossoms in spring.


How has your move to Tauranga been good for your soul?

The things that fill my soul have always been there, however it feels as though with our move to Tauranga I am able to stop and take these moments in so that instead of just letting them go by, they fill my soul. We have definitely been able to spend more time with family and friends, which is important for me. Getting out in nature and appreciating all that it has to offer is also something that I treasure; that feeling of being close to my creator.


What is the Tauranga lifestyle like for young families?

Tauranga has been amazing for our little girl - she has grown in huge confidence in the community and is definitely an outdoors girl! She loves to walk along the road saying "hi" to those we pass (yes this is actually done here!).

Raising a preschooler in Tauranga is great – there are so many things to do that are free.  We particularly love the outdoors so most weekends you can find us either at The Strand waterfront playground, exploring the rock pools at the Mount, biking around the estuary, playing at Memorial Park.  If it is wet, you'll catch us at the library or catching a bite to eat at Grindz or Wild Earth Organics.

We also visit the Tauranga Farmers Markets every Saturday morning for our shopping and are regulars at the Little Big Markets as well once a month. With the weather getting warmer now and daylight savings here we are looking forward to taking our dinner to the beack or park on warm evenings and enjoying all the other activities that start up over the summer period here in Tauranga. These activities are all part of embracing the amazing lifestyle Tauranga has to offer.


What was your experience of looking for work like in Tauranga?

I resigned from my job in Auckland and we made the decision to move to Tauranga without me having any work organised. I enjoy working part time and wanted to carry on with that since our little girl was in kindy three days. I was looking for work that was mainly administrative but was open to a new field where I could do what I love and still continue learning. It was difficult at first as there were few administrative jobs that were part time. In the end I decided on a different approach.

I am an avid believer in healthy eating and loved Bestow Beauty dermo-nutrition products and their recipe journals had helped us to kick-start a healthier way of eating. I did some research and found out that Bestow was based in Tauranga. I knew it was something I would love to be a part of. I had never done something like this before but I decided to email through my CV.

Long story short, after many emails back and forth, a few meetings and an interview I started working part time at the Janine Tait Group shortly after settling in Tauranga. It is an amazing opportunity to work for a Tauranga-based company that is respected nationwide and is leading the way in the beauty industry, especially in the area of dermo-nutrition. Having never worked in the beauty industry I have been trained in the topical Janesce skincare products as well as expanding my nutrition training to include Bestow dermo-nutrition which is all about food for the skin. This has been a huge learning curve for me and I have loved every minute of it.


Where is your husband working?  How’s that going?

My husband is working for Otumoetai Intermediate as a Year 8 teacher. It has been challenging (as he expected) and a fresh experience for him. Seeing me branch out into something new, and being committed to the choice we have made as a family to do what we love and never stop learning, he has decided on a change of career! Working with his hands has always been a passion and skill of his and he has decided to go back to study and do an Electrical apprenticeship next year. This is a big move for him and I am excited that he will have the chance to learn a new trade and continue to build relationships in the Tauranga community.

Do you miss Auckland?

Hmmm does it sound bad if I say not at all? Really it’s just the people we miss. Auckland had most things that Tauranga has to offer but in Tauranga it is so much more accessible and easy to get to as well as feeling more community focused. You see the same people around and strike up conversations and this gives a real feeling of friendship and sense of belonging to a close community.  

What would you say to couples in Auckland thinking of moving to Tauranga?

If you have the opportunity to move to Tauranga – take it! At the risk of sounding cliché, life is short. We have become more mindful and although we still work as much as we used to, we feel we have so much more time and are able to enjoy watching our little girl grow. We have loved the laidback attitude in Tauranga and it has rubbed off on us.  Make the most of 'now' and come and enjoy all that Tauranga has to offer you and your family. 


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