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Family of Four Boys Living the Dream in Tauranga
11 March 2016
Family of Four Boys Living the Dream in Tauranga

“From what I can tell Tauranga is in growth mode which means there are plenty of opportunities for people. It seems everyone we’ve met here so far is doing well whether it be in their job or running their own business.” ~ Adrian Lepou

With four growing boys underfoot, Adrian and Rochelle Lepou dreamed of a big house, wide open spaces and plenty of outdoor activities. However, living in Auckland meant that these dreams were always just out of reach. 

Then Adrian landed his ultimate sports job with a global company which allowed him to work remotely. When Adrian and Rochelle realised they could get out of Auckland, the sun, surf and outdoor lifestyle of Tauranga beckoned. Bristling with adventure they moved down a few months ago, and feel like they are now living the dream life that they have always wanted to give their boys.

This is their story.

Adrian, how long had your family lived in Auckland for?
I’ve lived in Auckland all my life and Rochelle is a Wellington girl. We’ve been living in Auckland since we were married in 1998.

How long had you been thinking about making the move to Tauranga for?
We had been thinking about getting out of Auckland for at least two years, but Tauranga was only on the radar a year ago. With four growing boys we needed a bigger home. Our boys also love the outdoors (surfing, mountain biking, hiking) and so our wish list was for a great big home in an area that would allow the boys to do all the things they love. Tauranga ticked all of the boxes!


Can you tell us more about working remotely for a global business? 
I work as the New Zealand Commercial Manager for a global digital sports content and media company whose headquarters are in the UK. I look after all of the commercial partnerships we have in NZ. This ranges from sporting federations like NZRU, NZ Cricket, SANZAR, sports broadcasters like Sky, TVNZ, Coliseum Sports Media, and global brands who use our content to connect with sports audiences online.

I love my sport so it’s pretty much my dream job and I get to do it from home, with the odd trip around the country and overseas every now and then.

What differences do you notice between the Auckland and Tauranga lifestyle? 
The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was, very approachable and easy to talk to. People also seem less stressed here. Perhaps it’s because we are surrounded by so much natural beauty and it’s easily accessible?


What do you enjoying about living here?
We live in Tauranga Central which means we’re right in the middle of everything. It is only ten minutes to the beach, to the river and to the boy’s schools (they bike to school). I love the fact that I can take my boys for a surf and not have to drive for up to an hour away to get there. I love the sense of community in our neighbourhood. We’ve felt very welcomed by our neighbours. I love the space, and I love that everyone wears jandals to church.


What has surprised you about Tauranga? 
I’m surprised at how content people here seem to be. There’s no ‘climbing over each other trying to beat each other up the corporate ladder’ or ‘keeping up with Joneses’ and I like that a lot!

How have your boys found the move to Tauranga?
The boys have settled in well and made friends really quickly. Micah (15) and Caleb (13) are both at Tauranga Boys College. At first they were a little tentative, but now they’ve got some good friends and they’re doing fine. Teenagers are all about their peers, so it’s been great that they have a good mix of friends from youth group and school.

Our 11 year old boy, Jackson is at Tauranga Intermediate School and they are a sports mad school so plenty of opportunities there. So far he’s made the school touch-rugby, rugby 7’s  and cricket teams and is also getting tennis coaching twice a week as part of what the school offers. For a kid who loves sport he thinks it is heaven!

What has moving to Tauranga meant for you financially? 
Well let’s just say if we bought the same size house in Auckland we would have paid well over one million dollars for it! There’s also no urgency for my wife to go back to work (our youngest,Tyler, is only 19 months) and she can spend a few more years being the great mum that she is to our boys . 

What has it meant for your sense of well-being?
For our family it has meant new experiences, new friends and new opportunities. Already we’ve got the kind of lifestyle that I’ve always wanted to give my family – in Auckland it always seemed to be out of reach. Seeing my family a lot more engaged with life has been great – trying new things, making new friends, and discovering new passions. As a Dad and husband, I can’t ask for more than that.



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