Tauranga Welcomes You!

Tauranga Welcomes You!

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A local Tauranga business booming in a global market and looking for talent.
15 September 2020
A local Tauranga business booming in a global market and looking for talent.

Business partners Tom Hayward and Dan Necklen started Shotgun, their Tauranga based business in 2017.

“Our vision is to help raise the next generation of mountain bikers, and we’re excited about building a team that shares that vision – and can help us take on the globe from the bay”.

Priority One caught up with Dan to hear his story about returning home to Tauranga and starting a business.

Can you tell us your career story and what brought you to Tauranga?

I actually grew up in Tauranga, but moved to Hamilton in 2003 to study marketing at Waikato Uni. After finishing my degree, I stayed on in Hamilton for a while, working in hospitality and with a couple of start-up companies. Then in 2008 my wife Alicia and I returned to the bay (shortly after our first child) to be closer to family.

We are still absolutely loving being back in the Bay of Plenty. Since being back in Tauranga I've worked for Westpac, run a social media agency, and then more recently launched Kids Ride Shotgun with my business partner Tom Hayward, who had also relocated home to Tauranga.

In a nutshell, how would you describe what Shotgun does?

The shotgun seat is a mountain bike child seat for kids 2-5 years of age. We launched shotgun in 2017, then started exporting to Australia in 2018. Now, most of our customers are in North America and Europe. It's been a crazy ride so far (excuse the pun) and we are super excited about our plans for the next few years, as we develop new products and look to establish our place in the global mountain bike industry.  

What do you love about living and working in Tauranga?

I love the beach and being close to family. Being close to Rotorua is also a big plus to access the awesome Mountain biking that Rotorua is world-famous for. It has been awesome to return home and get reconnected here.

You talk about establishing your place in the global mountain bike industry with Shotgun.  So, what talent do you need to fulfil this potential?   

We're growing fast, so we'll be recruiting for a bunch of roles over the coming 6-12 months. For now however, we're looking for a global marketing lead and a product manager based in Tauranga, check out the links for more information.