Tauranga Welcomes You!

Tauranga Welcomes You!

Aucklanders & Other Kiwis Blog

Aucklanders and other Kiwis Blog

Financial Advisor Enjoys Career + Lifestyle | Katie Douglas-Clifford's Tauranga Tale
22 February 2017
After several years in Sydney, Katie Douglas-Clifford and her husband, James, were drawn back to New Zealand. Having spent nearly every summer...
Nick McDonald of Trade With Precision | Running a Global Business from Tauranga
16 February 2017
Ever since he was a nineteen-year-old earning minimum wage on his OE in London, Nick McDonald has been hugely motivated by people telling him what he...
Aidan Lett on Digital Innovation and Finding Work/Family Balance in Tauranga
13 February 2017
Aidan Lett grew up in Epsom back in the days when owning a quarter-acre section was a realistic goal. In Auckland. Today, this is no longer the...
Successful Fantasy Fiction Author Moves to Mount Maunganui | Russell Meek's Sea-Change Story
8 February 2017
Russell Meek’s life is as fascinating as the fantasy fiction he creates. Inspired by the soundtrack to a Scorsese film, Russell left Auckland...
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Tauranga Welcomes You

Tauranga Welcomes You


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