Tauranga Welcomes You!

Tauranga Welcomes You!

Aucklanders & Other Kiwis Blog

Aucklanders and other Kiwis Blog

Michelle Joe on Crafting a New Business Life in Tauranga
21 February 2019
Waikato-raised, Michelle Joe, dreamed of doing her own thing one day.  So, when she felt the pull to move back to the North Island after working...
Dave Baxter aka Avalanche City | The New Album, Becoming a Dad and Moving to Tauranga
20 February 2019
When Dave Baxter (aka Avalanche City) was a teenager living in Hamilton, he was drawn back to his childhood home of Tauranga to be part of the...
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Tauranga Welcomes You

Tauranga Welcomes You


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