We are tackling some of the world’s greatest primary industry challenges through automation, machine vision, robotics and artificial intelligence technology.


As we grow, we will need more engineering expertise in the following fields:

  • Mechanical
  • Electonic
  • Software
  • Mechatronic
  • Navigation and design. 
We design and build elegant platform technologies to solve global problems for the primary industries. We are building a better future.

Robotics Plus has two commercial products in market, a robotic fruit packer that packs apples into display trays and a robotic log scaler that measures the volume of wood on the back of truck and trailer. We are developing a suite of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles for both single and multi-purpose applications in the food and fibre value chains.

Chat with the CEO

Dr Matt Glenn | Robotics Plus

“We would be delighted to hire expats bringing experience from overseas. We have found that staff who have worked in organisations around the world at different stages of maturity bring diversity in thinking and process that is positive for Robotics Plus.

We believe in diversity and often hire immigrants to New Zealand.  Over 30% of our staff are from overseas. We welcome their commercial, operational, technical and cultural experiences.”

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Robotics Plus uses expertise in machine vision, robotics and automation, AI and analytics and software and control systems to design and build world-first robotic solutions.

  • Founded 2008
  • >50  employees 
  • Headquarters in Te Puna, Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Seeking to hire mechanical, electronic, software, machatronic, navigation and design engineers as we grow.
  • Interested in hearing from returning Kiwi expats, immigrants and local New Zealanders.

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Packing at twice the speed of a human.
All day. Everyday.

Packing apples is a labour intensive task for packhouses around the world. The labour to fulfil this role is often difficult to find, which can jeopardise the produce if it is not packed in time.

Find out how Robotics Plus responded to this challenge.

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Q&A with Diogo Menezes

Engineer from Brazil Shares How His Working Holiday in New Zealand Offered Much More Than He Expected

“A visit to the Robotics Plus website was enough to make me want to check them out. This is the type of engineering I am passionate about. I didn’t think twice before deciding to print out my CV and knock on their door the next day. ” ~ Diogo

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our future

Robotics Plus will be an iconic, global robotic and automation company, respected for the quality products and service we provide, creating solutions to meet end-user needs.

There is no limit to the growth potential of this business - the sky is the limit.

Tauranga is a hub for AGRI-TECH in New Zealand.
The horticulture industry is set to double in the next 10 years.


We’d love to hear from experienced mechanical, electronic, software, machatronic, navigation and design engineers who are interested in working for Robotics Plus. Returning Kiwi expats, immigrants and New Zealand locals are all welcome to get in contact.

Dr. Andrew Dawson
Chief Operating Officer

P. +64 (0) 7 552 6827


Robotics Plus | Our Story
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“Our aspiration is for New Zealand’s agritech sector to be a global leader in science, technology and innovation, delivering commercial outcomes for the global primary sector.” 

~ Peter Wren-Hamilton | Agri-Tech NZ 

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