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Jason Scott of SwipedOn | The Tauranga Tech Scene
25 February 2020
Jason Scott of SwipedOn | The Tauranga Tech Scene

Jason Scott plotted his Auckland to Tauranga move carefully. 

The thing was, he had a job he loved, in a city he didn't. His wife Lisa had grown up in Tauranga and the couple were already convinced it was only a matter of time before they moved to the Bay of Plenty for the lifestyle benefits. But Jason wasn't ready to up-sticks for just any old job - it had to be a good one.

So, when after 18 months of job-browsing, a Product Analyst role came up at SwipedOn - one of Tauranga's fastest growing tech companies - he applied right away.

Six months on, Jason is enjoying the energising culture at this thriving tech company and he and his family are soaking up all the beach-side lifestyle perks they've been dreaming of.

This is his story.

Jason, where did you grow up?

I lived in Taupo until I was seven, and then in Wellington for the rest of my schooling years and into my 20’s. Auckland had been home for seven years before we made the move to Tauranga.

Can you tell us your career story?

I worked in finance and insurance before getting into software testing. I worked my way up into a Scrum Product Owner role for Serato, the world's leading DJ software brand.  I'm a DJ and was a customer before landing a job with them. It was an amazing opportunity for me, both professionally and personally. I thought I would never want to leave, but eventually the beach life was calling me and Auckland was wearing us down a little. So, we started to look for job opportunities in Tauranga.

What were you hoping for from your move to Tauranga?

I moved to Auckland for the Serato job and it was never intended to be our 'forever home'.  My wife is originally from Tauranga and we have family here. I had spent a lot of time in Tauranga and really enjoyed the lifestyle and knew it would be a great place to raise a family.  

I have lived in big and busy cities all my adult life. I was looking forward to having a change of pace without losing the perks of living in a city. 

Our friends Nicki and Ross, whose story was featured on this website, made the move to Tauranga before us and loved it.  Nicki was our wedding celebrant and she was incredible!  

I had become friends with Ross while working with him in Auckland.  Every time we visited them it was easy to picture what our life down here could be like.

How did the role as Product Analyst at SwipedOn come onto your radar?

I had been looking for a product role in an agile team in the Bay of Plenty on and off for about a year or so when my wife saw the listing pop up. I applied right away. We knew we wanted to move here, but we definitely wanted to wait until the right career opportunity came up. I think that paid off.

What appealed to you about the role?

SwipedOn had a similar story to my previous company - a small Kiwi product taking on the world and doing it our way. That was important to me. The work was very similar to my previous role but had lots of exciting differences and challenges for my own professional development. 

SwipedOn today is the same size Serato was when I first arrived years ago. It's a refreshing change dipping into something new and being part of the growth of another huge Kiwi tech company.  

What is your work life like at SwipedOn?

Swiped On is a great company to work for. We're just a great bunch of super passionate people - no egos or dodgy office politics. I think the location also provides a really relaxed but energetic vibe for a workplace. 

As product analyst, I'm a jack of all trades really. I spend my time researching, defining and helping to shape the future of the product. I get to work closely with a range of different teams and departments to plan and support the development of exciting new products and features for our customers. 

I never know what to expect. Every single day is different and I love that. 

What is your take on the tech scene in Tauranga?

There are a ton of opportunities here. The city has changed a lot since I first started coming here on holiday.

Even before I moved here I knew it was starting to pop.  In my role at Serato, I had a wee bit to do with a tech company that was based in Tauranga. They actually used to work in the same building as SwipedOn in a shared office space, so I knew there was a growing tech hub down here.

I think it’s just a reflection of the way things are in New Zealand at the moment. We are growing and need to spread out a little, so naturally people are going to head towards the most desireable spots to live. Tauranga seems to be high on that list for most folk.

What do you love about living in Tauranga?

The weather, feeling like I am on holiday the minute I leave work - it's so good. We enjoy all of the markets too. The farmer's market has been awesome on Saturday mornings, Dinner in the Domain is just down the road on Thursdays and so on. 

We are slowly making my way through the local eateries. There is always something to check out.  The most important benefit of living here is being by the water. It has such a hugely positive impact on our day to day life. 

How has the move been for your family? 

Awesome. My two year old son Frank loves it and my wife Lisa found work down here quickly once I accepted the job with SwipedOn. She also gets to surf a lot more which is a huge passion of hers . I even get amongst it every so often! I’m pretty awful but enjoy it, at least.

We really love being able to head to the beach any time without worrying about parking, traffic and all of the related stress that you get trying to do an outing in a big city. There is a lot of space for everyone down here. It's incredible that we can just nip down to the coast and find our own spot to relax and enjoy ourselves.    

What part does music play in your life in Tauranga?

It's been awesome having more space for noisy toys! We now have room for our drum kit, guitar, piano and DJ gear. I find I have much more time for music production and I am more creatively relaxed since moving down here. I post some of the odds and ends here https://soundcloud.com/deejnsinklovesyou and here https://soundcloud.com/dopegee.

There are a lot of great music events down here that I want to check out. The music scene seems to be really thriving. It would be great for more people to get behind it and support acts, venues and events to keep that going strong.  

What has moving to Tauranga meant:

For your career? New opportunities and great people to learn from 

For your wellbeing? More room to let my body and mind wander .

For your relationships?   We feel lots more connected. It's so much easier to spend quality time together having fun.


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